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    The new academic session 2014-15 is a new chapter in our Lexicon history. With renewed josh and pepped up spirits we have ushered in an era fresh and replete with several scholastic and co-scholastic initiatives.

    SPA (Sports & Performing Arts)a much awaited co-curricular assortment of activities has begun earnestly to a booming response from our eager student participants. Now, Wednesdays and Fridays are the most happening days at The Lexicon International School, Wagholi.

    Sports and Performing Arts (SPA)

    The sports and performing Arts activities that commenced this academic session in April 2014 has been roaring success amongst our students. Children wait impatiently for their Wednesday and Friday activities and are not ready to bargain it for any other academic class.

    Wednesday Activities

    v In Contemporary dance students are learning stepping and Choreography on song.

    v In Bharatnatyam dance children are learning Numskriya, Taddaadauu, natyaadauu, sloka, hastmudra.

    v In Kathak dance students are learning BhumiPranam, Tatkar – patanth, Hastmudraye, shloka & aamad.


    v Fine Arts, the teacher taught the students the Colour Theory – Primary and Secondary colours and a Scenery

    v Yoga Instructor has taught various asanas like Suryanamaskar, Wajrasana, Padmasana, Uttapadasana, Mabarasana

    v And in Basketball their Trainer taught them Warm Up exercise, stretching, physical activity, dribbling, chest pass and bounce pass.


    Friday Activities

    v In Skating the students have started Warm up exercises, 20 Rounds of field on skates with correct


    v The Karate class begins with Warm up exercise and have moved towards Face Block, Stomach Block and Leg Kick


    v Our young footballers start with Warm up exercises, Stretching and have advanced to Side passing the ball

    v For the musical keyboard students are now leaning fingering and how to play nursery rhymes.


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